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Research of Ford Motor Co.'s Superfund site in Ringwood, NJ includes Ramapough-Lenape Tribe’s he

NYU School of Medicine will enlist the help of the Ramapough-Lenape tribe as “citizen scientists” in studies related to the adverse health effects caused by Ford Motor Co.’s Superfund site in Ringwood, NJ. Ford allegedly contaminated the site in the 1960s when it dumped industrial waste on the ground and in mines located in Ramapough residential areas. NYU researchers will distribute water testing kits and wearable airborne particle detectors to the residents, who the researchers believe are most knowledgeable about where the contaminated areas are located on the 500-acre site. NYU will also conduct blood testing to analyze health effects of the contamination; the data generated from such testing will be fully owned by the test subjects which alleviates the tribe’s concerns over blood sample ownership from previous governmental studies.

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