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Greenhouse gas emissions of proposed Meadowlands power plant would surpass that of all existing powe

Federal data revealed that the proposed North Bergen Liberty Generating power plant, which will be located in the Meadowlands, would emit more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases than any other power plant in New Jersey. Although a DEP spokesman ensured that an evaluation of the proposed plant’s greenhouse gas emissions would be part of the permitting process, opponents are doubtful of this assurance and object to the project on both environmental grounds and due to the fact that the plant will not provide power to NJ residents. The $1.5 billion project, proposed by the Mitsubishi subsidiary, Diamond Generating Corp., “would be one of the largest electricity generators in the state, at 1,200 megawatts… [b]ut none of the electricity would go to New Jersey consumers. It would instead be transmitted by cable under the Hudson River to New York City.” The projects opponents include several NJ mayors and municipal legislative bodies, 40 of which have passed resolutions against the plant.

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