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Indian Point nuclear power plant sold to decommissioning company

Entergy announced that it will sell the Indian Point nuclear power plant to Holtect International for decommissioning. The sale, which expedites decommissioning of the plant by decades, includes the “transfer of the licenses, spent fuel, decommissioning liabilities, and Nuclear Decommissioning Trusts [valued at $1.85].” Holtec will transfer and store all of Indian Point’s “used nuclear fuel to its dry fuel storage cask systems to be stored at on-site reinforced concrete pads, which will remain secured until the U.S. Department of Energy removes the fuel for disposal in accordance with its legal obligations.” Indian Point, located on the Hudson River, has a long history of push back from environmental activists and NY State, which fought Entergy’s former plans to renew the licenses of the two remaining reactors; Entergy ultimately agreed to shut down the reactors and sell the plant rather than continue to fight resistance from the state.

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