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EPA approves $24 million cleanup plan for Meadowlands “Oil Lake” Superfund Site

After 15 years on the Superfund list, the “Oil Lake” Superfund Site located at the Meadowlands in Kearny, NJ received approval for a $24 million EPA cleanup plan exclusively centered on the removal of polluted soil. The plan does not address the contaminated groundwater onsite. According to the EPA, from 1946 to 1979, the Diamond Head Oil Refinery contaminated the site with PCBs, dioxins and VOCs when it routinely “dumped oil into storage pits, onto adjacent properties and in wetlands to create an ‘oil lake.’” Although the Oil Refinery closed more than 25 years ago, it was not put on the Superfund list until 2002, in response to NJDEP’s request.

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