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Gov. Cuomo vows that New York will lead the charge against the Trump Administration’s environmental

During an appearance at NYU, NY Governor Cuomo condemned the recently-announced federal plan to open offshore U.S. waters to drilling for oil and gas. Cuomo, while calling the federal plan “really, really dumb,” stated that the Trump Administration’s move towards offshore drilling showed “a total disregard for the science, the reality and the history,” and promised that New York would “lead a countermovement to what [the Trump] Administration is doing on the environment.” Cuomo further said that coal is “the polluting energy of the past” and that New York will be coal-free by 2020. To that end, Cuomo identified strategies for reaching goals set forth in the New York State Offshore Wind Master Plan and, in furtherance of said goals, announced two new procurements of offshore wind programs.

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