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The battle over NESE NY/NJ Pipeline continues with NJDEP denying permit, citing application deficien

NJDEP recently rejected Transco/Williams’ permit for the Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) pipeline project. Of note, “the [NJDEP] deficiency letter shows that the application failed due to a number of missing components, rather than proven environmental hazards.” NESE is a $1 billion project involving a fracked gas pipeline that would run from Raritan Bay, New Jersey to the Rockaways in Queens, New York. The project has been subject to controversy, much of which centers not only around the envisioned pollution risks of the pipeline itself, but also the construction of a compressor station on a 52-acre site in Franklin. Opponents say the compressor “would create detrimental air, water, and noise pollution in its surrounding areas.” Transco/Williams downplayed the permit denial and indicated it intends to move forward and satisfy the application requirements and the deficiencies cited.

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