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NJ AG vows to fight Trump administration’s proposed elimination of Clean Car Standards

NJ attorney general Grewal and AGs from 20 other states filed comments in late October opposing and demanding withdrawal of the EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) proposed rule to eliminate the national Clean Car Standards. The Clean Car Standards were adopted by the Obama Administration in an effort to “combat greenhouse gas emissions.” As part of a midterm evaluation provided for under the program that encapsulates the standards, last Spring, the Trump administration issued a final determination “that alleged the federal greenhouse gas standards vehicles were no longer appropriate.” AG Grewal’s position is that the administration failed to provide supportive evidence backing it’s determination and, consequently, is part of ongoing litigation against the EPA regarding the determination. Despite said litigation, the EPA and NHTSA submitted the proposed rule to eliminate the standards and, now NJ is among the states which have filed comments demanding withdrawal of said rule.

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