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Puerto Rico governor vows to cut carbon footprint in half within the next 5 years

In response to the growing concern regarding climate change and the desire to make Puerto Rico more environmentally sustainable, Gov. Ricardo Rosselló announced a commitment to reduce Puerto Rico’s carbon emissions by 50% within the next five years – “the most ambitious agenda of any US state government.” The Governor’s commitment is part of a broader pledge called “The Puerto Rico Pledge for Climate Change” which also includes, among other things, plans to increase resiliency investments and to support conservation research. Of particular note, the pledge “emphasizes the need to transform the island’s antiquated power grid into a modern, resilient energy network, with a long-term goal of depending only on renewable sources by year 2050.” This goal is supported by the clean energy bill introduced earlier this month that “calls for 20% renewable electricity by 2025, 50% by 2040, and 100% by 2050.”

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