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Fiat Chrysler and supplier to pay $5.3M settlement to NJ for alleged emission control rigging

After a multi-state investigation allegedly uncovered Fiat Chrysler’s use of emission control defeat software, the car manufacturer and the company that supplied the technology (Robert Bosch) will pay NJ $5.3M. The devices enabled vehicles “to pass regulatory emissions testing, but release unlawful amounts of harmful emissions…[.]” Under the terms of the settlement, Fiat Chrysler will pay $1.94M to NJ and Robert Bosch will pay $3.39M; in total, the two companies will pay a total of over $170M to 49 states to resolve the consumer and environmental protection claims. Additional terms of the settlement include a prohibition on Bosch from developing emissions control defeat technology in the future, and implementation of “flash fix” software designed to eliminate the defeat device features on existing models.

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